Change Log

Version 1.2.0 (10/17/2019)

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  • Added a Python client
  • Users can now manually fail a system that is in transition
  • Automatically install a Driverless AI license on provisioned systems
  • The number of available Compute Units is now visible in the UI and can be obtained using the Python client
  • Fixed an issue with Azure Active Directory when a user wasn’t granted an Administrator role even though the user was present in a Group that was assigned the Administrator role
  • Fixed a glitch in the UI when users directly access /login and they need to log in two times
  • Improved handling of background tasks

Version 1.1.0 (8/21/2019)

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  • Added Amazon AWS support
  • New auth provider - AWS Cognito
  • New auth provider - Active Directory
  • New auth provider - LDAP
  • Automatically deallocate the running VM of failed systems to reduce cost impact
  • Email notifications for failed systems, failed deallocation of a running VM, and unknown VM state
  • Added proxy support
  • Added an option to never timeout a system
  • New backup utility
  • Swapped the lock/unlock icons in the UI
  • Fixed a rare failure that occurred when terminating a system - due to the Public IP still being assigned